• Hidden Treasures – no. 2

    16 March 2018 | Blog

    The museum is lucky enough to have a variety of textiles in its collection, varying from uniforms and caps to craft items. This lovely embroidery of the Regimental Colours and Battle Honours was probably made during World War 1 as part of a rehabilitation course. It is well documented that soldiers undergoing treatment at military

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  • Hidden Treasures – no. 1

    09 March 2018 | Blog

    The museum is currently undertaking a 100% Collections Audit to check the preservation and conservation requirements of all our items both on display and in the store rooms. In common with most museums, we have far more objects than we have space to display them, and so a useful part of auditing collections is seeing

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  • Film Screening on Saturday 3rd March in Southampton – Sidi Nsir Battle – Hampshire Regiment

    20 February 2018 | Blog

    The museum is pleased to announced that there will be a screening of “Charlie’s Letters” at Harbour Lights Picturehouse on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 1030am. This feature-length film was written and directed by Elliott Hasler, who is only 17 (16 when the film was made), and is based on the service history of his

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