• Commemoration and Remembrance 100 years on

    09 November 2018 | Blog

    We are celebrating the lives and sacrifices made by the men who served in the Hampshire Regiment during World War one, and their families and friends, who were equally as touched by the war as those serving. The ones left behind came to wave them off, tried to keep up morale with cheery news from

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  • 12th November 1918

    12 November 2018 | Blog

    Tuesday 12th November 1918. ZINJAN. Germany surrendered at 11am yesterday! How they must be ringing the bells at home and Poidebart says – in Paris champagne will be as water! Took my pony out for a ride – he is in fine fettle. Have at last got the policing running fairly smoothly & there is

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  • 11th November 1918 – The Armistice

    11 November 2018 | Blog

    Monday 11th November 1918. ZINJAN. Kaiser & Crown Prince have abdicated. It snowed. Enlisted 9 Persian police as agents. Poidebart probably going soon, so I shall be left by myself. Perhaps now one will be able to get letters through via Baku & Batoum, saving several weeks. Baku is in current-day Azerbajan, and Batoum is

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