We are fortunate enough to have been given an array of personal items over the ages that once belonged to our former soldiers.

These range from Sweet heart brooches to Prisoners of War Identity Discs, Sports Trophies, Cap Badges, Balaclavas, Badges and Buttons and even Shrapnel removed from wounds.  There is an almost endless list of personal things that soldiers of the Regiment have left in the Museum’s safe keeping.

On display is the Port Light of the HMT River Clyde which carried the 2nd Hampshire to the shore at Gallipoli in 1915 as well as the ship’s binnacle and pennant, all of which had been personally presented by its captain, Commander Unwin VC.

Other items not to be missed are a fine walking stick with the face of Lord Roberts carved onto the handle, a Hitler Youth Drum as well as the cap badge found on the remains of a WW1 soldier discovered quite recently.

Discover the ‘Pawn Ticket’ for a Victoria Cross and the escape equipment used by an officer after he had broken out from a Turkish Prisoner of War Camp towards the end of the First World War.

It’s not just the items, it the story behind those items which make them interesting.  All these artefacts tell the personal story of individuals and whilst may not look of any great value they are priceless in historical importance.