The museum has an excellent collection of uniforms worn by the Regiment during its long history.

Visitors are greeted by three full size figures of soldiers of 1702, 1759 and 1992 wearing full dress uniforms complete with weapons.

On display is head dress ranging from an 18th century Grenadier’s cap, to a cloth kepi worn by the 67th during the Second China War, and a jungle cap worn by a Communist Terrorist captured during the Malaya campaign in the 1950s.
The museum also holds, though not on display scarlet tunics of 18th and 19th centuries along with the unusual grey uniforms of the Rifle Volunteer Companies and uniquely the dark green uniforms of the 8th Battalion (Princess Beatrice’s Isle of Wight Rifles).

From scarlet to the khaki of WW1 and the battle dress of WW2 the museum has examples of what its soldiers wore into action for 300 years.