From 1st April 2017 we receive no funding from the MOD and so are very dependent on the generosity of the General Public to keep going.

Donations – financial

We are a registered charity (No 272965) and rely heavily on the generosity our visitors to help maintain and improve what is part of the history of the County of Hampshire.  If you would like to make a donation to the Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum, please either send a cheque payable to the museum to Serle’s House, Southgate Street, Winchester, SO23 9EG or donate via our paypal account by clicking here

Donations – objects

The museum has a strict collections policy in order to ensure we have items in our store rooms that are both relevant to the regiment’s history, and that we can care for in the correct manner. As a result, if you wish to donate an item of any type to the museum, then you must contact us first, using the form here so we can send you the relevant donation forms. All proposed donations are assessed by the curatorial team to ensure that they are not duplicates of something we already hold, and they are a suitable size and condition that can either be displayed in the galleries, or stored safely while not on display.

Items posted to the museum or left at the museum without contacting the curatorial team first will be returned. 

If you are downsizing your house, or helping someone else with this arduous task, we are would be delighted to consider any item which is directly related to the Regiment – in particular papers and photographs as well as specific objects, which are no longer needed and would otherwise be thrown away. If  you have photographs or other papers, and wish to keep them, could you please let us copy them to help improve our archive, and thus a more detailed knowledge of the Regiment?

Once an item is donated to the museum, you will be asked to sign a ‘Transfer of Title’ form. This means that the items are now the museum’s property and will always be treated correctly under Museum Association and Accreditation guidelines. Once donated, you are not able to return to reclaim it at a later date if you change your mind.  We do not accept loan items unless required for a specific temporary exhibition.

This gourd, possibly made from a squash, comes originally from Minorca and was probably purchased as a souvenir by a soldier of the 37th Regiment when stationed there in 1767.  It has been generously donated to the Museum by the family in whose possession it has been for almost 250 years, and it is one of the oldest objects that we possess. It’s currently on display in the galleries.