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This is a reissue of Ginger’s memories, originally published in the 1970s.

4124 Private Byrne, 2nd Battalion The Hampshire Regiment, latterly the Machine-Gun Corps, provides an account of an infantryman’s life in the trenches of the Western Front during the Great War. Charlie ‘Ginger’ Byrne was a typical young Tommy who had no liking or aptitude for writing , but at the age of 82, sound in body and having a mind blessed with total recall, was persuaded to tell his story. Joy Cave transcribed this tale, in his own words, with a short commentary on the larger events in which he was caught up. This is the story of 1 infantryman, and an account of luck, good humour, and moments of humour amidst the chaos of war.

A fascinating book and very easy to read, it provides a great deal of detail into the everyday lives of the men and covers gas attacks, faulty equipment, as well as terrifying moments of being caught in no-man’s land for a day between the German and British trenches.

Paperback, with maps and photos. 140 pages. RRP £12.99