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One of the best war books I have ever read.   The research must have been prodigious and I learned a great deal.   Brilliantly explained and described.   A super book.

Major-General Tony Jeapes CB, OBE, MC


Another fantastic book from the team that wrote the history of 231 Brigade in Malta, Sicily and D-Day, this volume charts the story of 130 Brigade – originally TA – in the campaign from Normandy to Bremen.  The book has maps, many photos and the testimonies of over 50 veterans, so you can hear the action in their own words.

The book starts with the Brigade’s Baptism of Fire in the battles around Hill 112 in July 1944, and describes the campaign of attrition that was the Battle of Normandy. Devastated again in the Arnhem operation, the 7th Hampshires and 4th and 5th Dorsets then found themselves near Geilenkirchen, fighting in First World War conditions amid rain, mud, snow and slush.

Having cleared the west bank of the Rhine in once of the fiercest battles in the entire campaign, they then crossed the river and fought their way past Bremen. The entire campaign cost 270 Hampshire and 484 Dorset lives, but their total casualties were four times that number. The 4th Dorsets were effectively destroyed twice – at Maltot near Hill 112 and again when they crossed the Neder Rijn to rescue the 1st Airborne Division.

The book is in paperback, 220 pages.



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