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This is Volume 1 of the excellent 4 volume series of books on the Regiment’s badges by Terence Woods.

This book is an attempt to chart the development of the insignia of the Royal Hampshire Regiment and related military units from 1702, as the 37th Regiment of Foot (North Hampshires), to 1992, when the Royal Hampshire Regiment ceased to exist and its troops amalgamated with the Queen’s Regiment to form the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

Covering almost 300 years of Hampshire history, some 650 badges have been identified and professionally photographed for this book, including many from the museum’s collection.  This volume includes the Regular and Wartime battalions, the Militia, the Volunteer Infantry, the Yeomanry Cavalry, the Territorial Battalions and other units associated with the county and its military history. Hardback with full colour photos throughout, 137 pages, A4 sized.

We have all 4 volumes for sale in the museum’s shop – a must-have book for any badge collectors

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