The Royal Hampshire Regimental Museum plays a significant part in telling the story of the history of the people of Hampshire.

We do make a charge for research services;  any money raised in this way goes towards the upkeep of the Museum, and covers the staff costs. A research report fee is £40 for 3 hours, which includes the staff costs of searching all the records in our archives and producing a report on your ancestor.

This regiment traces its history back to 1702 and in its nearly 300 years in existence has served all over the world and in most of the major conflicts. The Museum therefore has a wealth of information available to researchers and the general public.

Please be clear when detailing your enquiry. Ask a specific question and provide as much information as you can, name, rank, regimental/army number etc.  There is no such thing as a database of all those who have ever served in the army, so we are unable to simply look up a soldier and tell you his service details.  PLEASE NOTE – we do not hold any service records.

Our holdings cover:

37th Foot (Raised 1702)
67th Foot (Raised 1758)
The Hampshire Regiment (1881-1946)
The Royal Hampshire Regiment (1946 – 1992)

We also hold documents and photos relating to the Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry.

Any surviving records of the Hampshire Militia can be found at:

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies
Sussex Street
SO23 8TH

01962 846154

Although we do not hold Service Records of individual soldiers we are able to answer questions on individuals, battles, casualties, Regimental History etc.  We hold copies of War Diaries for all battalions for the First World War and hold copies of our Regimental Journal which was published monthly or bi-annually between 1905 and 1992 and often contained lists of deaths, wounding and sickness, as well as promotions, medals awarded and sports teams.

Service Records for individual soldiers, including Officers, are not held by the Museum but are held either by The Army Personnel Centre or The National Archives.

The Army Personnel Centre holds the records of all Officers from 1921 onwards, and all soldiers from 1963 onwards.

The National Archives holds Service Records from all those who served before 1920, and all soldiers up to 1963.

To request a copy of any service record, please use this link and follow the relevant sections:

If your enquiry is regarding a soldier who died whilst in service during the two World Wars, a good place to start is the website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This database gives basic details of all those who were killed or died in these conflicts, and can help particularly if you are unsure as to the soldier’s Regiment.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
2 Marlow Road
Berkshire SL6 7DX

We are only able to answer questions about soldiers who served in the Hampshire or Royal Hampshire Regiment. For information on other regiments please see the Army Museums Ogilby Trust website:

If you are researching your local War Memorial please contact us directly on .