Did you serve in Germany? The BFG Legacy Project Needs You.

The BFG Legacy Project is beginning – and you can be part of it. By the time the last units in 20 Armoured Brigade leave Sennelager in 2019, British Forces will have been stationed in Germany for nearly 75 years. To mark this lengthy period of overseas deployment, HQ BFG is producing a high quality book of “British Forces in Germany- The Lived Experience”. Over this period of time, literally hundreds of thousands of British Servicemen and women have spent at least some of their active service in Germany, be that as a part of BAOR, UKSC(G) of BFG. In addition are the tens of thousands of civil servants and support staff that have underpinned the community as teachers, doctors, dentists and nurses, to engineers and project managers. BFG has already contacted these people, but we now need the civilian population to help.

We are looking for stories of British/German relationships formed during the period, and perhaps looking for more unusual stories and if possible photographs or images connected to them. It may be to do with a local German/British society, or Sporting Club, it may be to do with exercises on the Hannovarian Plain, or it may just be a pleasant social meeting.

Please send your stories to the Legacy Project Officer at bfg-hq-legacyproject-ogpmailbox@mod.uk

They are looking especially for good quality photographs of any meetings with famous people, and events that clearly show German/British activities. Thank you.