Hidden Treasures – no. 2

The museum is lucky enough to have a variety of textiles in its collection, varying from uniforms and caps to craft items. This lovely embroidery of the Regimental Colours and Battle Honours was probably made during World War 1 as part of a rehabilitation course. It is well documented that soldiers undergoing treatment at military hospitals were often required to complete embroidery, willow weaving and papercraft activities as part of their care. This served a variety of purposes; both encouraging manual dexterity and acting as a type of physiotherapy, while also occupying the soldiers in quiet activity for a period of time. Sometimes the items produced by the soldiers were sold to raise money for the hospital or military charities, sometimes the patients would given them to friends and family as presents.

This embroidery is mostly sewn in wool, but the tiger has been completed in cross-stitch in embroidery silk. It shows a high level of skill to complete such a piece, especially one so large – this measures about 60cm square.