12th November 1918

Tuesday 12th November 1918. ZINJAN.

Germany surrendered at 11am yesterday!

How they must be ringing the bells at home and Poidebart says – in Paris champagne will be as water!

Took my pony out for a ride – he is in fine fettle.

Have at last got the policing running fairly smoothly & there is not nearly so much work.

11th November 1918 – The Armistice

Monday 11th November 1918. ZINJAN.

Kaiser & Crown Prince have abdicated. It snowed.

Enlisted 9 Persian police as agents.

Poidebart probably going soon, so I shall be left by myself.

Perhaps now one will be able to get letters through via Baku & Batoum, saving several weeks.

Baku is in current-day Azerbajan, and Batoum is on the Black Sea in present-day Georgia. British and Indian troops were stationed there throughout 1918 and 1919 to aid with civil disturbances at the request of the Foreign Office.

9th November 1918 – From a diary

9 November 1918. Saturday. ZINJAN.

German retreat reported to be becoming a route.

Am v. busy and when one thing is settled another seems to erupt up.

Thank goodness the blockade is over. Merchants here are much pleased at this.


From Lieutenant R. H Vaudry’s Diary. Vaudry was the liaison officer for the 1/4th Battalion, who were based in Persia for the end of the war, having fought in the Dardanelles in 1916.