10th November 1918

Sunday 10th November 1918. ZINJAN.

Foch has given German delegates who came demanding peace, 3 days to decide whether to accept his terms, elapsing on Monday.

Revolutions rife in Germany.

Rode my pony to see the regt.

Small pox is v. bad in the town. Three of our men have got it.

Dinner with the flying corps.


From Lt Vawdry’s diary of the war.

The diary is on display in our temporary exhibition case.

National Servicemen in Malaya – new display 4th April – 15th July 2018

The museum is pleased to announce that a small temporary display on National Servicemen in Malaya is now open, with many artefacts loaned for the period. We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed their photographs, objects and memories, and look forward to seeing as many National Servicemen as can visit us over the next few months.