12th November 1918

Tuesday 12th November 1918. ZINJAN.

Germany surrendered at 11am yesterday!

How they must be ringing the bells at home and Poidebart says – in Paris champagne will be as water!

Took my pony out for a ride – he is in fine fettle.

Have at last got the policing running fairly smoothly & there is not nearly so much work.

10th November 1918

Sunday 10th November 1918. ZINJAN.

Foch has given German delegates who came demanding peace, 3 days to decide whether to accept his terms, elapsing on Monday.

Revolutions rife in Germany.

Rode my pony to see the regt.

Small pox is v. bad in the town. Three of our men have got it.

Dinner with the flying corps.


From Lt Vawdry’s diary of the war.

The diary is on display in our temporary exhibition case.

9th November 1918 – From a diary

9 November 1918. Saturday. ZINJAN.

German retreat reported to be becoming a route.

Am v. busy and when one thing is settled another seems to erupt up.

Thank goodness the blockade is over. Merchants here are much pleased at this.


From Lieutenant R. H Vaudry’s Diary. Vaudry was the liaison officer for the 1/4th Battalion, who were based in Persia for the end of the war, having fought in the Dardanelles in 1916.