Some examples of cases dealt with in 2015 are shown below.  These three examples show the range of recipients and the variety of problems faced.

Mr A is aged 59 and served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment for 15 years until the mid-1980s.  He has recently had a stroke and further heart problems at the time that his wife was waiting to come out of a convalescence home having had a stroke herself.  There bathroom was in need of conversion to a wet-room at a cost of £5,750.  Although he is due to receive his military lump sum pension of £35,000 on his 60th birthday, he had a few years ago re-mortgaged his house and so had debts of £34,500 and his current weekly income of £185, which is made up of benefits, is not sufficient to furnish his regular weekly outgoings of £266. Between the Military Aid Fund and the Comrades’ Association he was granted £950.

Mr B is single and in his late 30s, he served in the Royal Hampshire Regiment in the late 1980s and had been helped by the Military Aid Fund in both 2012 and 2014, in both cases with money for clothing and food vouchers.  He is suffering from PTSD and has twice been in prison for minor offences.  He has had to leave the care village where he has been for a couple of years and was in need of £250 to hire a van to collect his effects and other funds to purchase some brown goods and help him move into new accommodation.  Fresh attempts to find new employment and a home have been hampered by arguments – SSAFA have sought assistance from Combat Stress.  Case granted £500 from the Military Aid Fund, £100 from the Comrades’ Association and £950 from the Army Benevolence Fund.

Mr C is 89 and served firstly with the Royal Navy until just after D Day before he was transferred to the Hampshire Regiment where he served for 3 years.  He was a tenant farmer living in a tied house but needed to move to a Local Authority bungalow to be closer to his doctor, but in the transition was paying rent on the two properties.  He is developing mobility problems and needs a zimmer-frame while his wife is hypoglycaemic. The cost of moving and the double rent wiped their savings out and they needed £1,000 for new carpets in their new bungalow.  Granted £500 from the Military Aid Fund and the Comrades’ Association and a further £500 from the Army Benevolence Fund.