Private Frederick Gosney enlisted into the Hampshire Regiment on 30th July 1915 and was allocated the Regimental Number of 19235.

According to his Medal Index Card, he did not enter a theatre of war until after the beginning of 1916 (as he was not entitled to the 1914/15 Star) and as shown in the Medal Register, he initially served on the Western Front with 1st Hampshire.  It is not clear of the exact date that he joined 1st Hampshire (who had been on the Western Front since August 1914).

He was awarded the Military Medal (MM), (published in the London Gazette on 18th July 1917), though according to the Battalion’s War Diary of 29th May 1917 this was for ‘recent actions’ in the Arras area.  As far as we are aware, no formal recommendation for the award was written, so we are not able to determine the exact date and nature of the action.  Although the Medal Index Card does not mention the MM, he is recorded in the Regimental History as being a Military Medal winner.


It is recorded in the Regimental Casualty Ledger that Private Gosney was wounded in action with  a Gun Shot Wound to the back and left finger and was admitted on 19th may 1917 to the Gravesend Military Hospital.  This information is confirmed in an entry in the July 1917 Hampshire Regiment Journal, which was published every month, and also states: ‘19135  Gosney, F, GSW, back, left finger, MH (Military Hospital), Gravesend.  It is of course quite conceivable that this wounding occurred in the same action in which the Military Medal was won.

Having recovered from his wounds, he must have returned to France, but according to the International Committee of the Red Cross he was taken prisoner at Masnieres on 3rd October 1917 while serving with 2nd Hampshire.  When he was taken prisoner, he was not wounded.

The German Prisoner of War Record Ledger shows:

This information is again confirmed by the Regimental Journal Entry for December 1918.

After the War, and before 1920 he would appear to have transferred to the Royal Field Artillery, for reasons not known.

As his Service continued after 1920, his Service Record will survive at the Army Personnel Centre  and copies are available for the Next of Kin.  Forms to obtain Service Records post 1920 can be downloaded from the following website and sent to the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow. (Full details are on the website).